A new service by Social Media Swag allows small business owners and an entrepreneur to purchase Twitter retweets for their accounts. Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites on the web and many businesses use Twitter to help grow their customer base. Retweets help find new potential followers for Twitter accounts and are an excellent means to increase the potential number of customers for selling products and services.

However, the traditional means of obtaining retweets can be difficult for small businesses and entrepreneurs to achieve. This is because having enough followers to encourage retweets takes time, effort and often a considerable amount of money. Social Media Swag offers a shortcut which is equally effective, but takes very little time and only costs a small amount of money to achieve.

For small businesses, this service offered by Social Media Swag can potentially save months of hard work and effort to expand their followers on their Twitter account. There are four packages offered by Social Media Swag to purchase Twitter retweets which includes the following;

- Be Heard: 2,000 retweets for $19.95
- Popular: 4,000 retweets for $24.95
- Famous: 8,000 retweets for $34.95
- Ultimate: 10,000 retweets for $39.95

Each of these packages is safe, effective and comes with a money back guarantee. Furthermore, they are delivered in three, four, five or seven business days or less respectively.

For more information about buying Twitter retweets fast, visit SM Swag.

Steve Donahue
SM Swag
[email protected]
Newport Beach, CA, USA