Two classical measurement methods for the liquid surface tension

USA - For the testing of the liquid surface tension, there are many methods of the basically surface tension measurement equipments. Some people would have the problem that what is the main function of the testing for the surface tension of liquid. However, the surface tension should have more important functions to people¡¯s daily life. Today, the engineer from website which is the best online supplier for all kinds of interfacial tensiometer and contact angle goniometer would let people know more about these useful methods.

The first method of the surface tension measurement instrument should be the platinum plate method. The main principle of this method should be very simple. When people absorb the sensing platinum plate into the liquid, the surrounding of platinum surface tension would be affected by the surface tension of the liquid and then this tension would pull the platinum plate down. When the liquid surface tension has reached to equilibrium with other forces, the sensing platinum plate will stop immersing in the liquid inside. At this time, the balance sensor of the surface tension measurement instrument will measure the sensor immersion depth and transform the number of depth into the value of liquid surface tension.

In the process of the specific testing, the testing steps of platinum plate could be concluded into the following steps. First, the platinum plate could be surface tensiometer gradually immersed into the liquid. Second, the sensor should sense the balance value at the surface of the liquid immersion state. The last is that the sensor should transform the balance value to surface tension and the value could be displayed onto the screen.

The second method should be the platinum ring method which is also known as the du Nouy ring method. However, the principle of this method is just like the former method. First, people should socked the platinum ring gently into the liquid. Second, people should raise the platinum ring up slowly which is also that the surface of the liquid is relatively decreased so that a liquid column would be formed below platinum ring and finally separated with platinum ring. Since this method has been used very early, the original surface tensiometers are all applied this method.

However, with the developing of the measuring technology, the measuring contact angle meter methods have already become various. No matter what kind of new method, the classical testing method would always been the most widely used method in the surface tension measurement area. On the other hand, people should pay more attention to the maintenance and protection of these surface tension measurement equipments. Only in that way could they get the most accuracy value of the surface tension.

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