9th October, 2015 - Gone are the days of thinking of promotional staff as glamorous model types - today promotions people need to be savvy, smart and up-to-date with the latest technology.  With projects becoming increasingly sophisticated, it is work that is becoming more rewarding for both the client and the promotions person. Two women who work in the industry reveal what the work is really like and the lengths they go to make promotional work really count.

Centrally-based Envisage Promotions, the UK’s leading supplier of promotional staff to PR companies, has 12,000 staff who work on PR events, stunts, conferences and campaigns.  Every member of the team is fully trained on how to capture images and data at an event as clients expect instant feedback on customer engagement.  They are also getting involved in more complicated and interactive projects. One day they could be helping determine the score in a premiership football match by steering the spectators in a PR stunt, the next capturing data at a race meeting influencing marketing strategies.

Envisage Marketing Director Nichola Clydesdale said: “We pride ourselves on having staff who fully comprehend the needs of the client who need to see a return on investment for using promotional staff.  It is not just a case of looking good, smiling sweetly and handing someone a leaflet - my team need to be able to work intuitively and embrace modern methods of client interaction. Our repeat business speaks for itself that we are doing something right.  Clients’ positive endorsements of my team’s skills is fed back to the workforce which increases job satisfaction. It’s a win win.”

Two workers with almost 40 years’ experience of promotions work reveal how the industry creates life-changing results.

Joanne Criss and Fleur Piumatti both work for Envisage, a company which has seen demand for promotional staff on experiential marketing projects increase five-fold in the past two years. Joanne from Kent, has been working in the promotions business for over twenty five years and has her face injected with Botox to being used as the standard size 12 for a leading British retailer.   When she embarked on a recent booking for Envisage, she never imagined the impact it would have on her personal life.

Envisage booked Joanne, to take part in showcasing a brand new ultrasound machine for an Italian medical company.  The company needed a real life model to be able to demonstrate to customers at a medical conference the many facets of the machine. Joanne got herself fully involved in the booking; in front of all the delegates a fully trained sonographer examined her top to toe using the device.  Joanne found the whole experience fascinating as many parts of her anatomy came under close, expert scrutiny.

Joanne remarked: “Watching my heart so closely was completely fascinating - seeing those tiny heart valves driving my body - the power of the human body is amazing.  The sonographer described my liver and kidneys as beautiful - which was good to know!”

Joanne is in her early forties and really wants to have a family. Unbeknownst to the sonographer, she had harboured a fear that she would be unable to have children due to her age.  Joanne explained her anxiety, and the sonographer, under examination, was able to reassure Joanne that her ovaries have large follicles which is a sign of excellent egg production.

Joanne never imagined that by agreeing to a regular day’s work as a promotions person for Envisage that she would come away with such an optimistic health check.

Joanne concluded: “I love working in promotions but never expected this.  Envisage is brilliant to work for - they treat you like a human being - are always encouraging and trusting - which is unusual in this business.  I hope my next job with them is as momentous!”

Fleur Piumatti, 37 years old, who lives near Ashford in Kent commented: “I first went into promotional work when I was 23 - 14 years later I have not looked back. I have fallen in love with Envisage as they are such a good agency to work for - they really value the staff and when you receive feedback from a client they always let you know - which is always very encouraging.

“Promotional work keeps your mind active and your juices flowing.  The way companies these days use mobile devices to build in interaction into events is fascinating as you can see instantly the impact you are having.

“I think the best job for me was when I was a Lady Gaga lookalike for a campaign to save Smithfield meat market in London. We were part of a hundred Gagas that marched through Parliament Square with protest banners. I plumped for the brightest wig I have in my fancy dress box and for the skimpiest outfit "a La Gaga" that I dared to wear! Coverage of our protest was seen right across London in “Time Out”magazine, “Metro” and across social media. The decision to close the market was actually overruled so we won, which shows the real impact promotional work can have. Doing that project really cemented my validity with Envisage and also got me great media coverage to help reinforce how serious I am about my work!

“I need stimulation otherwise I get bored so promotional work really suits me.  I would work seven days a week 24 hours a day if I could!  I love organising people - some might call that being bossy - but I like driving a team and meeting new clients and facing new challenges.

I absolutely adore promotional work - it is kind of addictive - and saying “no” to a job is hard as almost every one sounds interesting and different.  I would even go so far as to call myself a “promo junkie”! The money is a plus too!”

Envisage is always on the look out for new staff to add to its rapidly expanding client base. Envisage’s Nicola Clydesdale concluded: “If you feel you have what it takes to be a modern promotions person who can work hard on every job to maximise on impact then we would love to hear from you.”

Notes to editor
Envisage PR Staff provide promotional people to PR and marketing consultancies throughout the UK.  They have more than 12,000 people available to book  - men and women of all shapes, sizes,  talents, looks and skills.  PR companies use them to provide PR outcomes in a number ways including:
-      Rent a crowd
-      Product placement
-      Brand ambassadors
-      Lead generators
-      Registration staff
-      Data capture
-      Experiential marketing
Anyone interested in finding out more should call 02476 995 976 or visit www.envisagepromotions.co.uk

For further information about this press release please contact Nichola Clydesdale at Envisage Promotions on 02476 995 976 or visit www.envisagepromotions.co.uk

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