Thinking that it is high time to run a drug testing program in the company? Thinking to learn more on specific trainings in this area? Then, it would be a good idea to contact directly an authorized drug testing consortium and learn more on the services covered. From alcohol and drug policies and testing to background checks, from database management to MIS reports, at a drug testing consortium, they have the personnel and the facilities to provide the best services in this segment. Just contact them for other important details!


Unfortunately, in today’s world drug testing programs for employees from all industries are gaining more and more importance. Companies must comply with current legislation and run periodical tests for all their employees. The tests become even more important when we talk about public services, air transportation and any other type of transportation. In simple words, an experienced drug testing consortium serves industries such as FAA, FMCSA, PUC and DOT.


As for the type of services offered by such a drug testing consortium, you should know that there is a long list of services provided by them for the entire territory of the United States. So, among the most popular services offered by a drug testing consortium, can be mentioned also drug and alcohol program audit and policy, background check, medical review officer, database management, laboratory testing, breath alcohol testing, MIS reports or confidential results reporting.

And this is only part of the services available at a large drug testing consortium. In simple words, they make sure that your company complies with current legislation and comes with all the modifications necessary, when and if necessary. At the same time, at a drug testing consortium you have the guarantee that all the testing will be done in modern facilities by highly qualified personnel in the shortest time possible and with maximum of discretion.


On the other hand, when collaborating with an authorized drug testing consortium, you don’t have to worry about database management or reporting: it will be all carried on by their personnel! And this is very good news especially if you are managing a large company! Of course, for any particular testing programs or needs, the personnel from the drug testing consortium is ready to find the most convenient solutions.


The truth is that these programs are not something to joke about, are not something to treat with superficiality: there is just too much in stake, to say it in the simplest way! It is for this reason that you need to be permanently in touch with the best in drug testing! Call today and request a personalised offer for your company!


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