Typewriter Font was recently launched to ensure that the users who have been missing the age old font can use it to good effect.

There are many users till date who have fond memories of typewriters, which might have become obsolete to a large extent. But there was a time when this font was hugely popular and did a fantastic job of keeping the text universal. Moreover the font was known for its natural beauty and in many ways it is more legible than several other fonts one can find today.

The problem is that Typewriter Font is not seen on many systems of today’s times. However that doesn’t have to be a limitation anymore because there is this easy to use app, which lets users get their hands on this type of font whenever they want. The app is simple to download and only takes a couple of minutes while letting users work with hundreds of styles of fonts in this particular type.

This font is very popular in the publishing industry because it is quite legible. Hence the app can work very well for those who work in magazines or printing business. There are others who might want to use this app so that they can use this font while creating logos that have their unique mark.

Importantly, the app lets all users relive a bit of nostalgia that is associated with typewriters. Many tend to miss them while there are youngsters who might not have seen them at all. Now they can relive the magic of this special type of font that is popular and close to many hearts.

About Typewriter Font

This font ensures that users can work with the traditional and popular font associated with typewriters.

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