14 February 2013 – Kabale, Uganda – Ugandan community based organisation Amatsiko has announced plans to construct a purpose built orphanage for the children under their care, and are appealing for additional funds to fulfil this ambitious project.

Based around Bufuka village on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi, in Kabale district, Amatsiko cares for around 200 needy children, around half orphaned, after the HIV/AIDS virus was brought to the area historically. Health care, education, nutrition and other basic needs of these children are met by Amatsiko; however, a focal point for the organisation is needed.

“This is a huge move for us, I admit,” said Alex Atuheire, Project Director, “housing the children in a completed orphanage would enable us to monitor students progress, provide health workshops, and give the children a much-needed sense of belonging.” 

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“It would also mean a focal point for the organisation and a greater sense of community,” Atuheire added, “but of course, significant funding requirements must be met.” 

Since 2005, Atuheire has witnessed first-hand, the effects that losing parental care has on these vulnerable children. “As you can imagine, when you lose your parents at a young age, you need as many touchpoints of support as possible,” he said, “and a new orphanage could be the centrepoint for this community and these childrens’ lives.” 

The orphanage may be the launch-pad for bold future plans, too. The organisation intend to increase self-sufficiency going forward, by generating income from chicken coops and permaculture gardens. Eggs provide nutrition for the children, and when the hens cease laying, they are sold on. Moves such as these will help to reduce dependence on charitable donations in future. 

In addition to open donations to support projects like the orphanage, Amatsiko also accept support in the form of child sponsorship for education, or donations for the purchase of direct provisions such as mosquito nets, bedding, and food. 

To sponsor a child in africa, donate to the project, or find out more about the orphanage plans, please visit the project site at http://www.amatsiko.org/ 


Amatsiko, the charity supporting african orphans, means Hope in Rukiga, the language of the Bakiga, the local tribe in Kabale district, south west Uganda. They are a community based organisation (CBO) operating from Bufuka village on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi, in Kabale district. 

Amatsiko’s mission is to respond to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children based around the lake, many of whom have lost their parents after the HIV/AIDS virus was brought to the area historically. 

Providing health care, quality education and basic resources in order to improve the lives of the children they help, they are currently looking after 200 needy and orphaned children. 

Amatsiko believe that education should be a right and not just a privilege and yet so many children in Uganda fail to complete primary school let alone secondary. 

You can support Amatsiko and provide for these needy children via direct donation or their sponsor an african child program. 

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