E-Cig HUB is a website dedicated to reviewing the most popular brands of electronic cigarettes found in the UK, Europe and the US. ECIGHUB.co.uk offers reviews and discounts for different brands of electronic cigarettes. This website has been crafted to offer unbiased reviews that provide full information about the different brands of electronic cigarettes and all the products that they offer.

Most electronic cigarettes in the UK have the look, shape and appearance of traditional tobacco cigarettes, but they do not include tobacco or the carcinogens associated with that product. Instead of tobacco, electronic cigarettes contain a long lasting rechargeable battery, heating function and flavor liquid that may or may not contain nicotine.

When the smoker inhales on an electronic cigarette, the heating function turns the flavored liquid into water vapor which is drawn into the lungs. Because there are no carcinogens associated with electronic cigarettes, they are safe to use in public places.

E-Cig HUB carries numerous reviews of electronic cigarette brands that cover the all the products associated with each company, beginning with the starter kits. A starter kit generally consists of a rechargeable battery, numerous cartomizers and flavor liquids along with a recharging unit. E-Cig HUB reviews the quality of all the products along with the price, durability, aesthetics and overall performance as well.

The result is a website that provides those potentially interested in electronic cigarettes the information needed to make the best informed decision. For more information about the E-Cig HUB, please visit this website .

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