Insuremore, a UK-based company that provides a number of insurance products, such as single trip travel insurance, warns those who are travelling abroad to ensure that they have complete insurance coverage. The warning is the company’s response to a recently released medical bulletin regarding the ‘startling cost of medical treatment abroad’ for people who forego purchasing the travel insurance that is right for them. The average cost of medical treatment abroad can easily run upwards of thousands of pounds. For instance, one claim reached £148,341 for a British national who suffered from abdominal pains while touring Canada; the same person even had to be airlifted back to the UK, which further added to the already staggering cost. 

The same warning is also directed toward those with pre-existing medical conditions. It is usual for people with medical conditions to forego buying a good travel insurance, even a single trip travel insurance, because of the increased cost to people with existing conditions, but this only aggravates their situation. The important thing to remember is to be honest: “forgetting” to mention a pre-existing medical condition can void the claim and leave the traveller out in the cold and possibly up to their necks in sudden debt. In the UK, the average premium for a typical fiftyyear-old person with a medical condition such as high blood pressure starts at a mere £15 a week—a paltry sum compared with the cost of medical treatment abroad, should something happen. 

For travellers who only make that one trip abroad every year, buying a single trip travel insurance package demands no less than careful consideration. Insuremore’s coverage is among the most inexpensive insurance packages online, but without compromising quality and completeness. The UK insurer has earned several well-respected awards for its excellence in service and innovative practices. In 2006, it was the winner of the British Travel Award in the “Best Innovation for Online Claims” category, and 2008 saw it bringing home Travolution’s “Best Travel Insurance Website” award. The message is to travel safely and with peace of mind that you are being well taken of should anything happen on your trip that requires medical attention. 

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Insuremore offers inexpensive but value-laden travel insurance packages. The company won Travolution’s “Best Travel Insurance Website” award in 2008. For further information about Insuremore and its single trip travel insurance, visit the website at: . 

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