(Free Press Release) The new UK feed in tariffs schemes were introduced in the United Kingdom in April 2010. It is known as clean energy cash back. These schemes are created to encourage zero or low carbon electricity generation to reduce the carbon footprint. This is beyond the traditional energy businesses.

Los Angeles, CA, September 06, 2010 -- Renewable energy sources in their backyard will make it more attractive for businesses, community groups and homeowners. Support will be available for the generators such as solar photovoltaic, hydro, anaerobic digestion and wind. This newly produced scheme is particularly good for commercial organizations. You can join it by signing up at licensed electricity suppliers. The government sets the tariff and policy. Renewable installations will have a declared maximum of 5 megawatts and this will support different technologies.

Some of these technologies are photovoltaic, hydro, wind, micro CHP and anaerobic digestion. If a system has 50kW or less then they will need to use a micro generation cortication scheme. There are two routes you can choose from to receive accreditation to install a FIT. In this Feed in Tariffs UK scheme, the suppliers will be making payments and taking readings regularly. Feed-in tariffs are not offered by all suppliers. To ensure suppliers always comply with the scheme in a responsible manner, they will be monitored.

RO is no longer supported by the FITs when it comes to the micro generators. These included hydro, wind, solar PV and anaerobic digestion. You should look at your generator account for the CHP register and renewable to ensure no queries have been elevated. If no eligibility information and answers is supplied then you cannot be accredited by the RO hence the FITs. You can find the government's explanation of the policy for the FIT scheme in the Government response to FIT Consultation. This will be on the website for the department of energy and climate change (DECC). For more information about the UK Feed in Tariff Scheme visit http://www.solarpanelsquotations.co.uk

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