Harlow, Essex — The top fuel and lubricant delivery company in the United Kingdom announced today that it is projecting massive growth for 2013.

New Era has been supplying fuels and lubricants for commercial, industrial and agricultural use for over 90 years on both local and national levels. So far in 2013, the company has recorded high growth, mainly due to the competitive gas oil prices they offer, and their reliability and speed of delivery.

This increased growth in 2013 directly reflects their outstanding service quality and speed of delivery. The company expects that this growth will continue through the end of the year and, undoubtedly, into 2014.

New Era supplies red diesel and lubricants at competitive prices for commercial, industrial and agricultural applications.

It is New Era’s commitment to delivery that sets the company apart from other fuel and lubricant vendors. New Era offers local and national same day, next day and even emergency on-site delivery of gas oil — even to difficult-to-access sites.

Depending on size, New Era can supply an order for red diesel using 200 litre drums or through their fleet of mini and specially adapted multi-compartment road tankers for bulk delivery. For national deliveries, New Era ensures strategic partners deliver on-site to a customer’s exact requirements.

New Era also has expertise when it comes to cost-effective lubricants and industrial oils. New Era carries a wide range of products in stock, or quickly sourced from major suppliers, including: automotive oils, commercial vehicle oils, plant and machinery oils and industrial lubricants.

Products can be delivered in package sizes to suit a customer’s requirements, whether bulk tanker deliveries, 205 litre drums or 25 litre containers. Specialist low volume items can also be provided in smaller packs.

New Era has been an independent supplier of high quality commercial fuels and lubricants for over nine decades. The company has grown from a local Essex-based distributor into a national supplier through their strategic partner network.

New Era’s long history means:

- Unrivalled experience in fuels and lubricants;
- A deep knowledge base to provide independent advice and technical support;
- Incorporating technological developments to supply only the best, cost-effective product for the job; and
- A wide range of products from stock, or quickly sourced from major suppliers.

Learn more about New Era Oil’s products and services at NewEraOil.co.uk or follow New Era on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. For sales questions, call 0844 245 6661 or sign up at the website for an instant quote.

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