28, January 2015: Official representative Neil Speight says that all of the Freddie and Sebbie products have actually been made to the highest requirements in quality, safety and reliability. He added… “If you don’t believe us, simply read what Amazon validated clients are having to say about our accessories in their score evaluations, where it is fairly apparent that we seriously do believe in giving the utmost best to parents and youngsters alike.” He then explained how their most current product; a luxury freezable lunch bag cooler bag, had actually integrated a brand-new “U” shape zip, new innovation which would help to keep the cold air within the freezable lunch box.

Freezable Lunch Bag

He described how the lunch bag by Freddie and Sebbie was the best solution for keeping anything packed cool virtually all day. He added… “Itis multipurpose, so can be used either as a camping cooler, a lunch container, as a kids lunch bag, a lunch bag for women, an insulated lunch bag, a reusable lunch bag or just as a luxury lunch box for adults. It will really keep food cooler for as much as five times longer than the majority of other freezable lunch boxes that are already offered on the market.”

Neil likewise said that the luxury freezable lunch cooler bag featured 2 mesh pockets for storing extra drinks. He included… “The real size measurements are 9″deep, 5.5″broad, 8.5″length, it has an adjustable shoulder strap, as well as having been made to the extremely highest standards, built with the strongest materials on the marketplace, assisting to give this freezable lunch box a super-long life. It is the perfect option for keeping food, fruits and veggies cool all day long, along with being simple to keep clean and fresh, and it folds nicely for easy storage.”

According to the main spokesperson, the Freddie and Sebbie freezable lunch bag has been tested and highly recommended by parents throughout America. He said… “We picked up on some comments left on Amazon for other freezable lunch bags, and discovered that customers were tired of their lunch not staying cool all day, and even more fed up with buying low-cost freezable lunch boxes that just didn’t work. So now for those people that wish to have a frozen lunch box, which truly does work, thanks to the new zip innovation, these problems have now been solved with the Freddie and Sebbie Luxury Freezable Lunch Bag, a multipurpose freezable lunch box that’s helping to keep food cooler all day long.”

For more information and images for Freddie and Sebbie’s Freezable Lunch Bag visit: http://www.amazon.com/Lunch-Bag-Freddie-Sebbie-Containers/dp/B00Q9BH09S

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