Coach Stutisheel Lebedev will perform world’s longest 3,100-Mile race for the 12 th time

11 th June, 2016. New York, USA. __ Sportsmen and women dream great. Yes they want to be great, but most times, they do not have someone point the road to them or better still take them to that most cherished height. What could be more than having a coach who is also a mentor? He not only tells you how it is done, but shows you how it is done. Classic!

Athletes, marathon runners and the likes need such a coach. It is well understood that finding a coach for short distance trainings could be easy. But what about finding a good coach (a personal coach if you like) for long races? Well, if one is able to find one, the fee is usually on the high side. And even then most times, he only tells you what he fells would work and not necessarily what he has tested.

But now, the interesting part is that Stutisheel Lebedev the world’s first and only coach who finished the 3,100-Mile Race 9 times is giving a lifetime opportunity to these groups of athletes who want to get to the top of their athletic career. Coming from someone who not only coaches, but is also a personal proof of his coaching prowess, the Stutisheel Lebedev Campaign, would provide you with up-to- date physical fitness evaluation, one-on- one with the coach, customized training plan based on your goals, schedules and body’s adaptation to exercise. It also provides you with suggestion for nutrition, coaching tips for every workout and race, race day strategies, answer to any of your questions and many more.

It is an opportunity to get a personal coach/ trainer for ultra-long races. There is no need to repeat past mistakes that leaves one with injuries or despair. It is important to note that apart from being a coach/trainer, Lebedev also has a number of books to his name. These books which would also be available during the campaign at a discount, gives plenty insight to the lifestyle of an experienced athlete/ coach and some of his exploits. And just to add, Lebedev has be in the business of running for over 30 years and amongst others, he has a personal best of completing the 3,100-Mile Race in 48 days 3 hours 57 minutes and 19 seconds. If you check, that’s an impressive 64.4 miles per day.

This campaign is like no other. During the campaign, he will also run the world’s longest 3,100-Mile Race for the 12 th time! See, he doesn’t just coach, but shows. He believes that the uniqueness of his approach is the combination of a rich experience and tested technical tips along with the development of the right attitude and strong inner motivation to move forward.

Yes for persons who want to enquire more or want to apply, they can access the Indiegogo campaign at All packages are offered at a discount. A look at the page would affirm that.

Long distance races are no joke, but with the right coach, it becomes FUN and DRIVE. For you who want to take your Long Distance Races to the next level, the future is now. Do not delay — apply now!

Stutisheel Lebedev
New York, NY
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