Today, Residential Real Estate Management is a global business worth billions of dollars. This is a result of increasing population and the need for proper residential housing spaces such as condos and townhouses. Eventually, this has directly augmented the want for professional strata management services.

 Strata Management can be termed as the collective ownership of a building held by a group of individuals. These individuals are responsible for coming together and deciding on matters relating to the maintenance and repairs to the shared property. For this reason, a Strata Corporation is employed to deal with all the matters relating to the common land or property for the benefit of its owners.

 The strata management plan shows the separately owned part of property or “strata lots” and commonly owned components, referred to as “common property”.The Strata Corporation places the necessary tasks and obligations to the strata council, or managers or employees which it hires. These strata managers tackles matters related to financial management, administrative services, linking between owners, daily operating and maintenance needs and guidance to the Strata Council.

 They also inquire owners on various policy matters and those relating to the interpretation of the Act and management guidelines. This assumes that strata management requires relevant expertise and understanding to be able to carry out these proceedings smoothly. Thus specialized agents have grown to become more popular and in demand.The Strata Management in Vancouver, British Columbia comprises of several companies offering services for efficient strata management.

 Home owners looking to hire their expertise should make the decision basing on their history, proper knowledge of Strata Property Act, financial management, standard of regulation, and on their distinct way of dealing with the services they provide.In addition, home owners can also refer to customer feedbacks and testimonials for better views of the company’s reputation and status. For more information please visit



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