Anyone who owns a business or has started a business understands the vital importance of doing research for that particular business.  There is a problem: Many do not have the time to do the amount of required research necessary.  This creates some very unique business ideas for the aspiring entrepreneur.

“This problem is actually a gain for the correctly-minded person,” said Sandy McQueen of

As an Internet researcher, your job is to find information and submit it to appropriate sources.  This information can be esoteric, such as information for academics, or geared to demographics, like finding what percentage of a particular population drink a specific soft drink.

One thing that this will entail is going beyond Bing, Google and other search engines.

“Many do not realize it, but search engines exist to make money.  Databases on the other hand exist to further knowledge,” said McQueen.

Accessing databases of information normally requires login information or a site license.  Some libraries may have access to these sources, but that is up to the individual library.

The beauty of this job is multi-fold.  You can become an expert in a relatively short time and all that is really necessary is a computer, office and printer.  The rest of the work is done online looking for information.

“You can set your own hours as well.  Night owls are especially lucky,” said McQueen.

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