Starting Internet-based home businesses is simple.  The problem arrives from researching unique business ideas and finding an appropriate niche that is still relatively untapped.  An Internet research firm is one such opportunity.

All of the work is done online and in the privacy of the home.  The information is sent to companies who draft documents and presentations for clients.

“The researcher is responsible for finding what a particular set of customers would like and find that information,” said Sandy McQueen of

For anyone looking to work from home and set their own hours, this is the perfect job.  Best of all, an Internet connection is all that is necessary.

“Hard work and dedication is necessary to become a reasonable expert in this field.  You will also need access to databases — many of which have a cost associated with them,” said McQueen.

A computer or two is absolutely required, but office software is not.  In fact Microsoft’s Office Suite is not necessary.

Open Office is free and 100 percent aligned to Microsoft’s Office Suite Program,” said McQueen.

A standard office home setup is required and necessary.  McQueen has lots of information available on all of the requirements for this career to start.  Visit her page on Internet Research Firms here .

Anyone interested in learning more about unique business ideas and home-based business opportunities should visit to learn more about the possibilities.

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