Think twice when shopping exclusive girls fashion. How exclusive is this item you find in the mall or the one you order on the Internet of an online kids clothing store. Isn't exclusive often attached to some big name brand?

Finding real exclusive girls dresses when surfing the Internet is quite a task, as when searching and entering the term exclusive, we get served millions of pages. They all offer the same well known brands and we realize, logically thinking, this dress we look at cannot be that exclusive at all, when it is sold per hundreds of thousands or even millions around the globe. Lots of girls wear these dresses coming from a family that has reached a higher social status and simply because these brands are associated with a high class life-style and prestige, the label exclusive is accepted. Professionally and successfully handled by some agency and marketing and sales, this world of exclusivity is carefully created. They did a good job so to see, convincing all these people that they actually own and could buy some exclusivity, however this only goes for the price they paid, in my humble opinion.

Smaller brands and fashion designers have entered this market with success that offer truly limited editions and therefore true exclusivity. Gorgeous girls fashion, cut from limited edition fabrics, are sown diligently by a great deal by hand to sublime girls dresses of the highest quality yet they are not so easy to find with the keyword exclusive. Their collections come much closer to what exclusive means, when compared to the industrial mass production of big brands kids clothes wear.

Enhanced with beautiful details it's charming to see when little girls show these clothing off and they do it with a good portion of pride. Motivated by a fair trade girls clothing store, the opportunity opens up to dress a girl in an adorable, tasteful style that is comfortable to wear and simultaneously be able to support a good cause.

Tailors and workers are paid and treated fair, this is why we call it fair trade fashion clothing. There are no scandals of wrenching work conditions, nor are the workers exploited that dress our girls so pretty. These workers that have the luck to work for a fair trade fashion organization are entitled to health care and can be sure that labor laws are respected. They can follow work shops and lessons to progress in their job and eventually have a career. This reflects in the high quality of the fair trade fashion dresses girls wear, unusually pretty, they truly vibrate exclusivity that makes even little girls feel good. They obviously feel that this kid clothing was created with care.