Der Biergarten, a unique restaurant that would be a cargo container pop up, is all set to commence operations in near future. The restaurant will use two cargo containers - a 40 foot cargo container to house a bar and kitchen and a 20 foot container to house the restrooms. The restaurant will also feature 2500 sq foot area for guests and neighbors to enjoy the great outdoors. The venue will be open from 3 PM till 9 PM on weekdays and from 11 AM till 10 PM on weekends, weather permitting.

The project started as a smart solution of Renew, Reuse and Replace for a vacant lot of 10 plus years in Midtown, the project was almost canceled several times for becoming too complicated, confusing and frustrating of a project. But after over 2 years in research, development, and permit problems, it has finally started construction with a goal of opening this year in time for some cold starry nights. The project is headed up by Sean Derfield who is also the owner of River City Saloon in Old Sacramento.

Der Biergarten will feature lite German cuisine with a focus on German Beer and local breweries from the area. There will be 25 tap beers to start with and no Corporate American beers will be served. The venue would be a social gathering place featuring communal tables imported from relatives in Germany having heaters and blankets for the cold nights and cooling misters and shade for the hot summer days.

About Der Biergarten Construction

Der Biergartens foundations were set last week and this Wednesday, October 9th, marks the arrival of the two cargo containers that will be transported through midtown to the location where they will be carefully placed on the foundations. The containers will house the bar, kitchen and bathrooms for this unique new concept. Ongoing construction should allow it to open for business in November.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Sean Derfield
Contact Number: 916 524 5275
Address: 2332 k St. Sacramento, Ca 95816
Email: [email protected]