All of us want a house that will represent us and also have that wow factor for any visitor. The house we live in should reflect the unique way our character can put it’s mark on the environment. If you are looking to express that unique personality, Thatched Roofing is a sure way to take your home out of the cone of shadow. With a traditional and warm feeling to it, this type of design is bound to turn heads. In order to impress everyone with your magnificent home project, hire the services provided by the Master Thatchers from SJ Eccles & Sons.


If you are looking for Master Thatchers who will bring back this traditional style with quality work and professional services to commercial as well as domestic clients all over the country, then SJ Eccles & Sons can put all its expertise at work to recreate the style that will look great on almost all properties. With more that thirty five years of experience in this trade, you can rest assured that these Master Thatchers from the above-mentioned company will provide any client with renowned thatching skills, high quality workmanship and incredible customer service that will take it upon themselves to make your dream house project come true.


Moreover, these incredible skills will be put to great use at competitive rates. The devise of these Master Thatchers at SJ Eccles & Sons is to provide any customer with the best value for their money. This well-established, reputable firm based in the heart of the country in the Midlands, is willing to come and work for clients all over the country. These are dedicated professionals that take the art of Thatched Roofing to a whole different level. Each and every worker on their payroll is an artist at heart that has served a full 5 year apprenticeship in order to understand the ins and outs of this highly demanding job.


What you need when undertaking a project like this on any scale is the expertise of reliable professionals that know the importance of being committed to such a time-consuming and important project as Thatched Roofing. It is demanding and requires a great deal of attention to details, as well and the ability to see the project objectively in the perspective for a fair assessment of the price and work needed. These Master Thatchers at Thatched Roofing from SJ Eccles & Sons will surely be able to fulfill each and every requirement as well as potential issues that the project will throw at them. In their opinion, quality Thatched Roofing can easily give a degree of timeless character and charm to your house and transform it into a home.


If you are looking for a dedicated and reliable firm to take up the Thatched Roofing project of your dreams, than you need to look no further than SJ Eccles & Sons. These Master Thatchers will make sure that quality and effectiveness will be just another thing your home project will have besides a authentic charm and a warm feeling. Get in touch with them now at and make your dream come true!