When customers go online to find a quote on a rental van, they usually find one of two things: websites that offer only "call in" quotes or those that do not offer full-price, all-inclusive quotes. United Van Rentals is changing this standard by offering full-price quotes online instantly whenever a customer wants to make a van rental reservation.

Many van rental websites require customers to put in a great deal of information then wait for a phone call about a van rental quote. This is a problem in some cases because, if the customer chooses not to rent with that company, he or she may be subjected to frequent phone calls in the future attempting to sell the services of that company.

Additionally, some customers do not have time to wait for call backs; they need instant quotes on van rentals in order to schedule family vacations or business trips.

Another common tactic of websites is to give a partial quote but require the customer to wait for a full and binding quote. This means that the customer may have a false idea of what the rental will eventually cost and may be subject to unpleasant surprises when the bill comes due.

United Van Rentals is changing the way that customers receive quotes for a van rental as seen at www.unitedvanrentals.com

Whether customers want an 8-passenger minivan rental as seen at www.unitedvanrentals.com/8-passenger-van-rental.html or a 12-passenger van rental as seen at www.unitedvanrentals.com/12-passenger-van-rental.html , United offers free, transparent and accurate quotes instantly through its website.

With a full, instant quote, customers can make an informed and confident decision about their van rental and hire the vehicle of their choice quickly and easily.

About United Van Rentals:

United Van Rentals has convenient locations at all major airports in Southern California, San Francisco, Phoenix and Las Vegas. The company provides pickup, drop off and delivery of all vans to airports and works with groups to find the vehicle that is right for their needs.

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