(Free Press Release) Imagine if a school inspired future inventions using the study of past inventions? Ida Byrd-Hill, President of Uplift, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit Idea Incubator, seeks to create INVENTech Academy TM, a 6th through 12th grade charter school to convert Detroit‘s young people‘s natural interest in technology and creativity into powerful learning in science, engineering, and math—so they can become problem solvers, innovators, creators or inventors.

World history is a history of inventions that changed the world. From the creation of stone tools to today‘s microchip, the world can be measured by its inventions. Yet, the invention process is not the norm in modern day schools. Everyone wants students to learn more STEM, - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Students do not need more STEM, they need immersion in the invention/innovation process.

Students would gain these skills:

Critical thinking
Solve complex, multidisciplinary problems
Creativity and entrepreneurial thinking
Communication and collaboration
Innovative use of knowledge, information and opportunities

Detroit is the perfect place for INVENTech AcademyTM. Detroit was once a hotbed of invention. Automobiles and even the mobile phone were nurtured here. Henry Ford created the moving assembly line in 1913 that ushered the automobile into the foundation of society. The Detroit Police Department, in 1928 when the Detroit Police Department, commenced its one-way vehicular service in all its patrol car. It was the first city in the nation to do so.

During this history, the Detroit inventive spirit was the norm. New products, profitable companies and wealth abound. During this period, there was a common belief that every child had the capability to become an inventor/ innovator, like Henry Ford, George Washington Carver, Madame C J Walker, Thomas Edison, Sarah Mather and Nikola Tesla, to change our world. Detroit led the country with its inventive spirit.

Ida Byrd-Hill states, “The world is reporting Detroit‘s inventive spirit died. I believe that spirit is merely dormant in our children. We seek to revive that spirit here in Detroit by allowing students the freedom to tinker with new ideas and concepts as their core subjects.”

Join me in reviving the inventive spirit in Detroit and in America. Support INVENTech AcademyTM. For more information, visit www.upliftinc.org/inventech.html or call Ida Byrd-Hill at 877-429-2370

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