United Kingdom; 27, June 2016: Pets are one of popular pet options which are loved across the world. They are probably the next popular animal which people love to keep as pets. However, keeping a pet comes with its set of advantages and disadvantages such as damage to the furniture in your house. Upholstered furniture is the most widely damaged element in a house due to scratches made by cats. However, Urban Castle Pets has come up with a unique product which reduce the chances of such scratches and damages to the expensive furniture. The product has been created by an experienced team of professionals, which is a family owned upholstery business. They have come across a lot of pet damages at their customer’s places.

Most cases were due to the habit which cat have of cat clawing. When cats scratch a particular place, they leave behind a scent which is usually used by them to come back again to the same spot again. Many pet owners for years have believed that removing the scent from that place might help in protecting the damage. However, it is not the case. Cats would eventually go to the same spot or the new one. The company after a thorough evaluation has come up with a special product which creates a smell of its own. The scent has been created using natural oils which would discourage cats from coming back to a spot and scratching. The product would also encourage cats to start using some scratching post instead of damaging the sofa or other upholstered furniture. This natural cat deterrent that would stop scratching furniture has been named Knight in Scented Armor.

The product also includes spices besides natural oils which could be harmless to the furniture, environment and your pet. These are available in different kits which are also presented in different shapes to suit the needs of all the customers. For more details about the product or purchase one for yourself, customers can visit their website. The website offers a completed review with great details about the product, its characteristics and the way it needs to be used. They have also integrated an ecommerce platform which enables customers to buy the product online and get them delivered to their homes directly.

About Urban Castle Pets:


Urban Castle Pets presents a unique product from a family run business of upholstered furniture. The product is available through their online store and is intended to offer a unique solution to stop cats from damaging your upholstered furniture. For more details or to make a purchase of the product, please visit their website.