01, December 2014: There are audiences that need special approach in order to bring them onboard, this involves using unique strategies, mostly those that appeal to majority of them. To a business, this might be a very frustrating endeavor, trying different means not knowing what will give tangible results. Luckily there are agencies or individual who know how to connect to these audiences achieving the desired results within a short time. Urban Nerds Collective falls in this category; the youth marketing agency aims at helping the brands to genuinely connect with this segment of the market. 

Urban Nerds Collective is a collective that helps brands connect authentically with hard to reach audiences. The company offers grassroots amplification, live experiences, consultancy and insight, artist engagement, product and content seeding, access to the agency community and offering specialized services in youth marketing. The youth marketing agency started with helping to break the music scenes, championing burgeoning, underground genre, and raw United Kingdom talent through series of live experiences in industrial clubs and warehouses. Since 2013, the youth marketing agency has forged ahead a creative collection that targets the youth and specializes in youth marketing. 

Urban Nerds Collective have several partners , one of them is Break , while narrating how the outfit has partnered with the youth marketing agency, the Break representative was happy that they were part of an agency that works with the urban youth, a group that can comfortably be described as specialist in urban and youth culture. Break and Urban Nerds Collective have worked together in a number of projects and they are looking forward to more collaboration in the years to come. 

Urban Nerds Collective was founded in 2007 by Luke Hudson, the youth marketing agency was born out of the United Kingdom, freshest urban lifestyle brand, a family of creative. 

The group started through assisting the underground musicians through organizing a series of shows in the warehouses and gritty clubs, where they played the host to artists like Katy B, Professor Green, Tinchy Stryder when they were in their early years of their music careers. The events were also part of the brand launching where the company brought to the market the iconic bandana and the sunglass clad logo. 

According to the founder, Luke Hudson, the journey has been exciting, they have forged a collective and a dedicated channels where they feel they are positively representing the British youth of between eighteen and twenty four years old. The company has ventured into other areas in an attempt to spread their wings, in 2012, they launched the Urban Nerds online hub, a platform where they welcome those who share the same philosophy, the like minded brands in an attempt to bring together those who have a shared desire to champion the fresh and young talent as well as the street culture. The transformation aimed at creating an outfit which would not qualify to be termed as an agency but experiential in an Urban Nerds way.