Statistics show that the holiday season has one of the highest rates of hospital admittance, as compared to the rest of the year. As a result, Vermont Urgent Care is now extending its hours during the holiday season. This decision came after vast amounts of petitions over previous holiday seasons for extended hours, as people who needed care were not able to receive it due to the hectic schedules that the holiday season brings. This recent development is part of an ongoing commitment by Vermont Urgent Care to offer the best possible service to the surrounding community.

The Los Angeles Urgent Care( facility realizes that the holiday season can be fraught with mishap, as hectic schedules result in confusion, disorientation and stress, which inevitably leads to increased injury and illness. In preparation for the forthcoming bedlam, the Urgent Care Los Angeles has decided to increase its accessibility to the public by extending its hours of operation.

Vermont Urgent Care has built its reputation on quality care with an emphasis on meeting patient needs. The urgent care Los Angeles realize that people often need immediate access to care, and that that kind of immediate care can be costly, especially when it involves a visit to the emergency room. As such, Vermont Urgent Care offers an alternative to emergency room visits, as their service retains the benefits of immediate attention, while adding value of reduced cost and minimal wait times.

As a Los Angeles urgent care facility, the team of Board Certified physicians is trained in all emergency room techniques and the highly qualified staff is dedicated to providing friendly, helpful and efficient service.
For further information about how Vermont Urgent Care can help fulfill your holiday medical needs, please contact us at (213) 386-2511

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