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URL shortening represents the type of method used online in which a uniform resource locator (abbreviated as URL) can be shortened in length, yet still create a link to the designated page. This process can only be successful by making use of a HTTP Redirect on a domain name which is short and which connects to the web page that has a long resource locator. Why do we need a Short url instead of a long one? Is it really necessary to use an URL shortener? If you go online, to, you will be able to find out!
You ought to bear in mind that a Short url is more aesthetically pleasing due to the fact that it does not inconvenience the reader, nor does it limit the number of characters which need to be used in a message. In a world dominated by first impressions and by a good appearance or design, your business site, social network or blog link has to speak for you. You do not want a very long web address that cannot be easily copy-pasted in comments, word documents or e-mails. You have to use a URL shortener that can modify the uniform resource locator so that it remains short and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, it is of utmost importance to try to beautify not only the look of your website, but also the link.
Should you like to hide the web address and make it a total surprise for the online visitor when clicking on the Short url you have provided him, you can do so only by using a URL shortener. This is extremely convenient for any businessman who wishes his site to have the “wow factor”. What is more, should your partners want to access your site on a regular basis in order to check some important documents, read your product descriptions or send some samples to other businessmen, this entire transaction process can seem to be extremely difficult should you have a very long URL.
Let us say that at a formal event you hand out your card to potential clients or partners. If they wish to type on their smartphone or laptop your long URL, they might lose interest sooner than you think and they can also be left with a very bad impression (that can even be spread to acquaintances). Is this what you want for your business? Do you want a long URL to stand between you and success? Well then… you are recommended to go online, to, and try the URL shortener provided online. You will definitely not regret it!
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