United States of America; 20 August, 2014: The professionals involved in the field of medicine, particularly doctors, surgeons and medical students prepare various kinds of reports. These reports can be theoretical and practical based on the specific purpose. It might be related to the laboratory experiments or test results. Urographin as a software is designed to view the DCM files. These are used in storing and handling a wider range of scans. The dcm file viewer also contains information used in printing process. It can work with different types of scanners and network resources for increasing accessibility. The software makes it simple and fast by boosting image checking efficiency levels. It is well supported in multiple operating systems. The dicom viewer windows 8 utilizes advanced visual chromatographic transformation program for conforming human color sensation.

Thus, it allows the user to locate lesions and prepare diagnosis quicker and accurate. Consequently, it reduces the burdensome task of report-making and analysis into a simple and hassle free activity. The images can be sharpened or the user may restore the authentic properties by reverting changes if required. The mouse controller hardware including the scroll can be used to drag or select certain areas for increasing or decreasing sharpness levels. Adding up to this, navigation can be done through the provided images if they share the similar format and are stored in the same folder.

Depending upon the scan type, the visible organs aren’t viewed best through the same colors and filters always. Bones are made up of different substances and need separate visualization modes. Urogrpahin enables the user to try out other modes. The function keys from F2 till F12 can be used in this regard. At the same time, F1 could display the details regarding other viewing modes. The users can perform sharpening and softening operations with every different window. They can view a minimal description of color modes. The non commercial user has the privilege of dicom software free as per the requirements.

The viewing modes along with the facility to enhance files in customized fashion switching different options makes Urographin an essential application for medical professionals. It is flexible enough to be used professionally and privately. The application allows various adjustments with some clicks and fixations. It is mainly designed for hardcore medical professionals and the inexperienced user may initially find it difficult to understand the basics. However, with a disciplined practice and some dedication it isn’t a herculean task to get familiar with the software and its uses.

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Urografin is a uniquely designed software support for operating a broad range of DCM files and documents for the medical professionals. The system requirement for this application is .NET framework 4.0 for a closer look at different lesions in the image. For more information visit the official website.

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