United States of America, 8th August 2014: The doctors, surgeons and medicinal professionals are required to make various theoretical and practical reports. These reports have to do with the various experiments they indulge in. A part from studies, they are also required to prepare different kinds of report in their profession related to internal and external bodily tests. DCM image documents are vastly used in medicinal science field. In order to open dcm files one can use the urographin software. This dcm file viewer opens and displays dcm files such that the user has the benefit of doing so from the comfort of almost anywhere. These were designed to store and manage different kind of scans. They possess information which is utilized in the printing process. It can work with various network resources and scanners to boost accessibility. 

Through the Urografin software, the DCM images can be zoomed from all angles. Similarly, the user may revert to any changes for restoring the natural properties. The software applies advanced visual chromatographic transformation program that complies with human color sensation principal. It enables the user to search legions and prepare diagnosis more accurately and fast. The mouse comes into the play here. The user can drag and select some of the areas and the sharpness levels can be changed by scrolling. The specialist DCM opener software can be also used in navigating through the provided images when all of them are in the same folder and have the same file extension dcm format. 

Based on the kind of scan, the visible organs aren’t always viewed properly with the same colors and filters. The bones need separate viewing modes from the lungs as their composition is made from different substances. With this application, many color modes can be tried. The function keys from F2 to F12 can be used here. 

With the F1 button press, details of the other viewable modes are displayed. At the same time, the users can make themselves accustomed to keyboard shortcuts simultaneously. Additionally, the user may also perform sharpen and soften functions with separate windows. Alongside, they can also look at minute description for each of the color modes. 

Different viewing modes and the capability to enhance the image as per requirement makes Urographin a useful application for private use. The key utility is directed towards the physicians and qualified medical practitioners. The inexperienced subscriber may find it difficult to operate. This application is fit for free non-commercial use and people willing to use it commercially are required to purchase it. 

About Urographin: 


Urographin as a software is tailor-made for people who are professionally involved in medicinal practices. There are many color mode viewing options provided to facilitate all round report making and analysis. Visit the website for more information.