03, December 2014: The company aids the clients in identifying a huge number of different things including customer traffic flows, display requirements and floor plans among others. With the data received, the users are able to take an informed decision. 

Using the services of the company, the store owners are able to get details related to a number of different vital aspects including the number of visitors during a fixed time period, the things they brought, the sections in the store they visited first, the way they looked and analyzed the products, and the persons who never bought anything but browsed the options. These details can be easily found on an online store; however, UrRating in combination with Prysm Skylabs Technology is offering the same in physical stores as well. The software is simple and easy to use and understand, and provides answers to all queries thereby ensuring that the real value of market campaign is realized. The software provides complete details related to every aspect that can have a positive impact on business growth. 

UrRating is helping clients understand the customer behavior at their retail store and providing customized solutions to provide enhanced sales and profit. UrRating also takes care of marketing of products and services by the company in addition to opting for conversion optimization, enterprise mobility and pay per click programs to name a few. The company is providing Business Intelligence using Prysm Skylabs Technology in the retail shops. 

Some of the other services on offer include SEO, SEM, Press Release Distribution, Re-Marketing, Online Applications and Social Media Marketing. 

About UrRating: 

UrRating is a US based company that started operations in the year [ADD YEAR]. The company offers a wide range of online marketing solutions and currently joined hands with Prysm Skylabs Technology to help consumers understand a number of vital aspects that can help in business growth. 

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