Celebrity Lawyer & U.S. Senator Hopeful Involved in Hip-hop Scam

MIAMI, FL - 10/11/2016 — America is a place where dreams can become a reality but dreams can also be shattered. Chicago rapper, WF DOC (World Famous Doc) born name Wreh B. Funnebo, a naturalized US citizen who is originally from Liberia, West Africa, has been very devastated ever since he met with Miami Music Mogul, Steven Machat.

If you don’t know Liberia’s history over the last 27 years, then you should know that Liberia experienced a brutal civil war which lead to many civilians being killed and fleeing the country. WF DOC and his sister were brought to the U.S.A by their father in 1994. Liberians are strong minded people because they’ve endured hardship and turmoil but yet, they still continue to thrive in Liberia and abroad.

WF DOC made a huge leap in the independent music business when he collaborated with Platinum selling & Famed Chicago rapper, TWISTA. They both created a masterpiece in a song titled MULA DANCE. (https://itunes.apple.com/ie/album/mula-dance-feat.-twista-single/id1132278474)

After completing what would be the biggest single in WF DOC’s music career to date, he began to solicit radio promotions, marketing, and street promotions to get this record out to the masses.

He realized and experienced an exhausting process which finally landed him in Miami with Steven Machat. He was introduced to Mr. Steven Machat on August 17, 2015 through James Case, who is like a son to Mr. Machat. WF DOC later met Mr. Machat in person in February 2016.

Steven Machat introduced himself to WF DOC by showcasing his BIO and highlighted the music stars he has worked with. He mentioned groups like the Wu Tang Clan, Ozzy Osbourne, amongst other clients. He also briefly told the artist about his political ambitions; specifically running as an independent Florida candidate for the U.S. Senate office. WF DOC was already sold on the deal without a paper being presented. The artist was very impressed with Steven Machat’s resume.

WF DOC presented his material & played some of his music to Steven Machat. Mr. Machat was impressed with the music including collaborative songs that the artist presented. He then drafted a contract that said he would promote the artist to national radio, market the artist, start and promote his tour, and distribute WF DOC’s music. The original cost of his retainer was $10,000. However, Steven Machat decided to drop the price to $5,000 because he told the artist that his music was very good. The retainer agreement showed that the artist was serious about getting his music out and that Mr. Machat would do the job.

Upon WF DOC’s return to Chicago from Miami, he experienced an avalanche of financial setbacks which caused him to almost give up on the retainer deal with Steven Machat. He explained his situation to Mr. Machat and told him that all he could afford at the time was

$3,000. WF DOC explained to Steven Machat that he should deduct the $2,000 balance from any monies that will be collected in royalties, touring, or merchandise. Mr. Machat sided with the artist and accepted the partial payment instead of insisting on his full payment.

The artist spoke with several investors including fellow artists Jimmy Black the Journeyman, MEZONIC, Notti Castro, 2Kee, African Kings of Hip-hop, Team Unstoppable, and other artists under the CashNow Entertainment umbrella to help him pay this retainer fee.

After WF DOC struggled and came up with the $3,000, he made the partial payment to Steven Machat; the attorney did not tell him that he still had to pay the balance until after some time. Steven Machat accepted the partial payment.

The heartache came in for WF DOC after months of calling/texting the attorney about the work he was supposed to have done. The $3000 was paid in April 2016. It has been 5 months and

Steven Machat has been coming up with excuses, promises, and even at times not answering calls from WF DOC. At times, Steven Machat wouldn’t answer the phone calls unless it was a three way call orchestrated by WF DOC & fellow artist, Jimmy Black the Journeyman. He made promises after promises, setting up phone meetings with both artists, and not delivering on any promise. WF DOC finally decided to publish Steven Machat’s wrong doing.

At this point, all the artist wants is a refund because all the promises and extra talk awarded him with nothing. WF DOC worked extremely hard to come up with the $3,000 and all he wants is a fair treatment and a total refund because not a single job was done on his behalf.

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