Cork is a preferred material for flooring purposes because of some excellent properties it possesses. Whether it is your living room or bathroom or basement, cork is one material that can offer the floors perfect protection. Cork flooring durability is something that amazes most people and you will join their ranks too. And to make sure that the cork floor remains durable for a longer period of time, use a coating of water based polyurethane and see how long the floor lasts.

Cork is an excellent flooring material for both dry and wet surfaces. Let us take them one by one. Cork is liquid resistant. Pour water or any other liquid on a cork surface and the surface will not be impacted. There is a reason why wine bottles are topped up with cork and the reason is its waterproofing quality. The same rule applies when you have a layer of cork on your floors. As far as the bathroom and the basement are concerned, cork is deemed excellent because it doesn't let the moisture affect it and also doesn't let insects, bacteria, mold and mildew grow. Both these rooms are prone to these organisms and cork keeps them away. This is why cork flooring durability is more than other floors.

Cork is also preferred in the dry rooms, the living rooms or the bedrooms, because of its sponge like quality. The cork cells are able to regain their shape fast. Even when you consider those areas of your home that have the highest footfalls, you will see that the cork floor is hardly impacted. If a piece of furniture has created a dent on the floor, simply put it in another place. The place where it was originally placed would come back to its natural shape in no time. This again tells you why cork flooring durability is so high.

You can further increase cork flooring durability by adding a coating of water based polyurethane to it. The water based polyurethane has some excellent benefits as mentioned below.

- This coating is highly transparent and keeps the floors looking natural.

- A coating of water based polyurethane also reduces the impacts caused by wear and tear, scratches and other forms of impact.

- The VOC emission caused by this coating is minimum and it only occurs when the coating is being applied and when it is drying.

- When you have this coating on the cork floor, the maintenance time and effort is minimized drastically.

- Finally, the coating also makes it easy for you to renovate the floor or recoat it.

In most of the cases, standard cork flooring is good enough for you. It is durable enough for you. However, when you invest in cork flooring, you want as much of cork flooring durability as possible. And this is perfectly possible when you apply a coating of water based polyurethane. This is a highly economic option that will continue to last on and on. Once the flooring is done, you can forget about it for years.Everyone who uses cork for flooring knows about cork flooring durability ( ). What people may not know is that the durability is further enhanced with a coating of water based polyurethane ( ).