CHINA - One of the best alternatives to the traditional packing methods are the strapping tools. Yueqing Nuoda is a company that offers world class strapping machines which are technologically advanced and durable. Users not only save time in bulk packing but can also work for hours with these machines because of their ergonomic design. There are manual strapping machines, pneumatic strapping tools as well as machines that operate on batteries. All these machines are widely used for paper packing, wood plated packing, aluminum, steel and other metal products, fiber fabrication, cotton, bars and pallets and so on.

The equipment along with the spare parts are made up of alloys that offer durability and strength for a longer period of time. The latest innovative technology has been used to craft these tools and strapping tensioners. The banding tools and banding machines are applied for various specifications of straps. They are patented in design and are safe to use. The strapping tools are extremely light in weight thus allowing the users to work with them without any additional weight burdens. There are sealless strapping tools as well as tools with seals for customers to choose from.

The Battery Strapping Tools are available in Fully Automatic, Semi Automatic, Manual and Soft versions strapping tensioner depending upon the various applications. There is no limit to vertical or horizontal strapping when it comes to battery operated strapping tensioners or tools. Multiple strapping is also possible with these tools. For fragile packages the soft tools are most efficient. The latest model comes with a brushless motor engineering and Bosch battery technology. The battery can be charged with unlimited recharging time and has no effect on memory. They are used on large number of strapping and promise an efficient working operation. They are the most economical tools which are user as well as service friendly.

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Yueqing NUODA Strapping, based at China started in 1990 is a manufacturer strapping machine and worldwide distributor of strapping tools. They offer technologically advanced strapping machines from time to time. They have patented the new series in pneumatic strapping for cottons. They offer manual, pneumatic as well as battery operated strapping tools in both plastic and steel.

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