Hydroponics sounds very exciting and promising, but to have any chance at growing successful crops, you need to do all the necessary research so that you can make an informed decision about the types of products and supplements you should be using to ensure your plants will be productive and, more importantly, healthy. Keep reading to see how Flora Series products and root exceluratorproducts work, and to learn more about how they can help ensure the success of your Hydroponic crops.


Starting out with your very first Hydroponics system can be quite the adventure, especially since the grow process is still alien to many people from around the world. To those who have heard of it or who practice it themselves, Hydroponics can mean saving money on groceries while feeding truly organic greens, fruits and herbs to your family. You can control every factor relating to your growth cycle when you practice Hydroponics, which means you can grow bigger plants, in less time, and have each plant produce more fruits or flowers than it would if it were growing in soil. All of this sounds great, you might be thinking, but how are you supposed to know which products, nutrients and supplements to purchase from the beginning, to save yourself useless expenditures?


No matter how you choose to grow them, plants will always need some sort of fertilizer in order to produce according to expectations. Flora Series is one of the most popular fertilizers used in Hydroponics, in countries all around the world. Flora Series is even used by NASA and by the Antarctic research scientists, who have to grow crops in extreme environments, so odds are Flora Series will work wonders—if used properly—with any type of plant you want to grow using Hydroponics. Using Flora Series will not only make your produce taste better and make your flowers smell better, as it intensifies aromas and flavors, but it will also excite plant growth as well as help protect the health of your plants’ roots. Adding Flora Series products to your Hydroponics system will also give it a number of vital elements like Phosphorous, Potassium and Nitrogen.


You can use as much fertilizer as you want, and you can give your plants as many nutrients as they can absorb, but it won’t make much of a difference if they suffer from a disease or are under attack by a pathogen mold or by a pest. Disease can spread into the plant organism until it infects it completely and causes it to die. Root exceluratorproducts are made up of a blend of different nutrients. Root exceluratorproducts stimulate the growth of new roots, and they also help combat brown roots.


Brown roots, which are also called “root rot” are a sign of disease which can be caused by a number of factors, like improper oxygenation levels or superfluous feeding routines. Root exceluratorproducts help decompose the brown roots, turning them into nutrients (minerals and sugars) the plant can use to develop while burning less energy.

Learn more about root excelurator products and about flora series to see how they can help your Hydroponics system flourish and to find out the risks you could face by not using them.