UTV Stars Breakfast to Dinner catches up with Parineeti Chopra on the sets of Shuddh Desi Romance

~ Take a walk in the lanes of Jodhpur with the vivacious Parineeti Chopra ~

This week, UTV Stars’ show Breakfast to Dinner is all geared to catch up with the young and vivacious actress, Parineeti Chopra on the sets of her latest film, Shuddh Desi Romance, in Jodhpur where the title track is being shot.

Riding through the narrow lanes of Jodhpur in the local rickshaw, Parineeti makes her way through to the film location. With no available mode of transport, Parineeti Chopra had to then walk through the extremely narrow galis of the city to reach her set. All of these, even as Parineeti had sprained her ankle just a day before. There were no vanity vans, no luxury cars, and no star tantrums…just Shuddh Desi shoot, to an extent that Parineeti’s make-up was done in the small hamlets in the by lanes. Colorful by lanes, flamboyant outfits, a peppy track and a young bubbly vibrant Parineeti is all set to show off her dance moves on the title track of the film.

As the day progresses, and after a couple of non-stop shots, Parineeti is all set to gorge on the delicious, home-cooked food in desi ghee, while Parineeti’s co-actor Sushant Singh Rajput decided to stay away from the high-on-calorie indulgence. This is followed by the last schedule of the shoot in the majestic and scenic Mehrangarh Fort where Parineeti talks about her love life.

This week, UTV Stars’ show Breakfast to Dinner is all geared to catch up with the young and energetic actress, Parineeti Chopra on the sets of her latest film, Shudh Desi Romance, in Jodhpur. The day starts with a quick auto rickshaw ride to the film location. Passing through the narrow lanes of Jodhpur and lost in conversation, the two reach a dead end. But Parineeti, like a ‘localite’, swiftly goes through the galis and heads straight towards the sets. Once there, it’s time for the pretty actress to get ready for a long day of shoot. To get the feel of her character, the young star shows her true professional side and gets her make-up and hair done in the by lanes of the city. 


Catch the Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra, close and personal only on UTV Stars BREAKFAST TO DINNER on Sunday 1st September, 2013 at 7:00pm


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