01 August, 2014: The successful Value Investing Mastery Class (VIMC) developed by BigFatPurse.com was first conducted in January 2014. It has since conducted 6 classes to date and words are already spreading for this content packed 1-day course The class is held one to two times per month (depending on demand) from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. It is limited to 40 pax for a more conducive learning environment. The class focuses on how to pick stocks systematically, objectively and quickly, based on today’s valuation without the need for unreliable guess work or time-consuming research. 

The Value Investing Mastery Class is a full-day course for retail investors with the goal of getting a 10-15% return per year. The investing strategy is based upon the BigFatPurse.com’s proprietary Conservative Net Asset Value (CNAV) method. Those who attend will receive a great deal of useful information and end the day with pages of notes after enjoying tea breaks and lunch. The fee for the entire day is an affordable $98. 

Trainers for the course are Alvin Chow and Louis Koay. Alvin Chow is the founder of BigFatPurse.com, a partner in 12owls LLP and the author of “Secrets of Singapore Trading Gurus”. He speaks regularly in local seminars educating the public about passive investing and Permanent Portfolio, trades options and practices value investing singapore. Louis Koay is the director of BigFatPurse Pte. Ltd. He graduated from the National University of Singapore with First Class Honors and is currently a Chartered Financial Analyst Level 3 candidate. He created the Essential Financial Analysis Course to educate retail investors about evaluating the financial strength of companies. 

The class has received excellent reviews from earlier graduates. Two examples are “Trainers knew what we wanted, prepared and structured the course plus additional material that helped us easily apply the knowledge we learned”; and “The information and knowledge taught are applicable in reality…Focused on the important parts to find and look out for in financial statements”. 

For more information on VIMC, please visit http://www.bigfatpurse.com/vimc/