Van Heusen unveils X-Lifestyle - a revolution in your formal wardrobe

~ Be a trend setter at workplace with Van Heusen‘s new corporate wear range~



Corporate wear will never look and feel the same again. Because Van Heusen, India‘s premium Lifestyle brand for Man, Woman & Youth, is redefining formalwear with the launch of its new range X-Lifestyle. 

X-Lifestyle by Van Heusen is a brand new range of fashionable formalwear designed for the modern professionals. X-Lifestyle by Van Heusen is expected to revolutionize the way Corporate India dresses itself to work. This Fashionable, Bold and Distinctive range is a mutiny against mundanism, a revolt against decades-old conventions of staid formality. It is the epitome of formal chic, an invitation to an exciting world of dapper dressing..

X-Lifestyle by Van Heusen is a defining moment in corporate dressing, lending an edgy, stylish and powerful persona to the whole concept of what one should wear to work. It breaks decades-old conventions of formality and brings in a subtle and desirable touch of excitement to every professionals wardrobe. X Lifestyle puts the zing, that touch of sartorial discretion to an otherwise ordinary work-wear wardrobe so you won‘t find formals boring anymore!

X-Lifestyle by Van Heusen helps the modern professional to be a trendsetter at the work. The range is specially created  to mark the beginning of new age corporate ammo for the next generation of professionals, who believe that creating an impact at work is as much about style as it is about substance. Through bolder checks and stripes, Inner Detailing patterns, slimmer fits, the range helps the professional of today make a statement wherever he goes.  

So this season, be prepared to be the ´trendsetter at work‘ as Van Heusen‘s X-Lifestyle revolutionize the way Corporate India dresses.

About Van Heusen

Van Heusen is India‘s No. 1 premium lifestyle brand for men, women and youth. With a rich heritage of 128 years, the brand entered India in 1990. It has had the unique distinction of establishing not only the brand, but also the ready-to-wear category in India. The brand epitomises ´Fashion for the Professional‘, and its design driver is the combination of fashion and elegance. 

Over last 22 years of existence in India, Van Heusen has been making workplace more fashionable. Van Heusen has consistently tracked and understood the evolving fashion needs of Indian professionals. At each turning point Van Heusen has stood witness to these changes, and has been ahead of the curve in forecasting emerging trends and making it accessible to the Indian consumer. For more details, visit



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