Going all the way back to 1943 when Westye F. Bakke built his first freestanding freezer in his basement, the Sub-Zero company was born. Since this day, they have remained dedicated to the research and development that is required to create the highest quality of products that are needed every single day in the kitchen. Those that do purchase one of these appliances are will quickly realize just how efficient and useful these feature-packed products really are.

Sub-Zero does not create refrigerators, freezers, ice machines, and wine coolers without any help though. In 2000, they took on Wolf as a companion company so that they could begin to create a full of products for the kitchen like stoves, kitchen ranges, ovens, microwaves and more. Working alongside one another, customers now have the option for some of the leading appliances that will look and work great for years on end without the need for continuous appliance service and repairs.

Currently, one of the most popular lines of Sub-Zero products is their PRO 48 refrigeration. These are very efficient combination units for both freezing and refrigeration. This series of products has continued to win awards for the highest ranked products in customer satisfaction as well as energy efficiency. For those that would like a more new look as well as an unique and useful feature, their glass door series allows a look into the fridge without the need to open the appliance. Not only will this save time, it also saves a vast amount of the energy that is lost when opening and closing the doors.

Those with restricted space in their home may concern their line of built-in refrigeration solutions. These are small drawers and cupboards that can be placed all over the kitchen, no matter its size. In addition to pull-out freezers and wine coolers, Sub-Zero also offers these built-in refrigeration systems with glass doors as well in order to save both time and money.

Moving on from refrigeration is Wolf's full line of cooking systems, like their advanced integrated modules. These built-in products will also save space as a single unit can quickly transition from a grill to a steamer, and then back to a stovetop. In addition to this, deep fryers or other unique cooking tools can also be ordered to fit under or around traditional stoves and ranges, allowing owners to move seamlessly through their meals.

When it comes to high end cooking and food storage appliances, very few companies compare with the Sub-Zero and Wolf team. When maintained properly, these devices will work for years on end without the need for appliance repair and service. Those that are ready for an advanced, efficient, and streamlined kitchen should look to these two companies to fill all of their needs.

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