VatsalSheth does the naagin dance in Baazigar

In the ’80s and ’90s the theme of icchadarinaagin was a favorite among filmmakers who churned out several movies on the topic. Now, three decades later, the small-screen has brought the snakes back in vogue. Not far behind is Life OK’s redefined hero, Aarav Trivedi played by the uber cool VatsalSheth in the show Baazigar.

The show Baazigar has nothing to do with snakes in its storyline. It is infact the story of Aarav Trivedi and his various shades of character. Aarav is shown to be getting married in the show and as the track has it, he is to be dancing in the baraat like there is no tomorrow. Vatsal who is known to be mischievous on set decided to bring in the trending ‘naagin’ element to his dance and started doing the naagin dance. This shocked everyone present as we all have seen women do the ‘naagin’ dance but for a leading man to sleep on the floor and move his body like a snake was a shocker.

Vatsal says, “I tried various styles of dancing but all seemed dull onscreen so I decided to change the image of men dancing at baraats and started doing the naagin dance which by the way was too much fun. I have seen Sridevi, MallikaSherawat do the dance but to enact the same and not look stupid onscreen was a major concern. I got so involved in the dance that I didn’t realize when my kurta tore off and my leg was bleeding because of rolling on the floor. It’ll however be the most memorable dance for me”.

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