Veloxity is releasing data collected by its cell phone charging kiosks and research collected at corporate events to shed light on the increasing demand for charging solutions.

BOSTON, MA | July 14, 2014 -- Veloxity One LLC (Veloxity), an industry leader in secure, charging solutions, is releasing data collected from its phone charging kiosks across the country. From professional events like trade shows and conferences to social events like galas and corporate outings, our data suggest that providing a cell phone charging station( at events can have a significant impact on its success.

“As the world becomes more mobile and battery technology remains relatively stable, charging services are becoming a necessity to meet our ever increasing demand for power,” says Krassi Popov, CEO & Founder. “Along with delivering a universal and secure charging solution, Veloxity also actively collects data on industry trends.”

We approached the research in two segments: guest retention and guest engagement. Guest retention was measured by gauging the impact of our phone charging kiosks on the length of a guest’s stay. This measurement was conducted at multiple events across the country where Veloxity’s machines were featured. We found that the average guest stayed 17% longer at conventions and 14% longer at trade shows.

Getting the guests to stay is only half the story. We also measured for guest engagement, arguably a more crucial statistic in the events industry. In an era where social media and traditional communication go hand and hand, we recorded the average time a guest would talk with a trade show presenter and the number of social media hits about the event on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. Guest engagement rates increased at trade shows and conferences by 12% and 3% respectively.

For conferences, a charging kiosk allows for more guests to have more battery life, leading to more social media interactions. In trade shows, guests who left their devices charging visited more exhibits and stayed for a longer time. Furthermore, exhibitors noted that guests seemed more attentive, less distracted, and more engaged. As these trends continue, Veloxity seeks to make access to cell phone power as easy as WiFi access today.

Veloxity One LLC is a B2B, charging solutions provider. For businesses, Veloxity provides the complete mobile phone charging kiosk. Our machines include keypad-secured charging lockers, a 19 inch LCD for advertising, and 24/7 customer service through our remote access. For customers, Veloxity’s near-universal kiosk guarantees security and peace mind for 98% of phones on the market. Veloxity’s clients see increased customer satisfaction and volume, translating to greater potential revenues. Veloxity One LLC is a privately-held company founded in 2013. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA.

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