Lancaster, PA — All over the country homeowners are trying to make their homes more energy efficient, and governments at the city, state and federal level are trying to make those improvements more affordable. In Pennsylvania, the government has initiated the HELP (Home Energy Loan Program) to assist homeowners in their drive to make their homes more energy efficient. To participate in the program for the heating Lancaster PA or the air conditioning Lancaster PA homes need must use an authorized contractor. Vertex Mechanical is proud to announce their participation in the program and the savings that will bring.

The HELP loans are designed to make the costs associated with making a home more energy efficient more accessible to people. The loans for the heating Lancaster PA homes need help to pay for things like geothermal wells that harness the power of the Earth to heat the home. Qualified homeowners can get up to $10,000 for most of the improvements to heating Lancaster PA homes need, while a whole house improvement loan can be taken out for up to $35,000.

With regards to the air conditioning Lancaster PA homes need, there are savings to be had as well. The program will pay for better air sealing around the home, and better insulation to keep the cool air in the home as much as possible. Homeowners can also upgrade to a more energy efficient air conditioner and qualify for a HELP loan. Just like with heating, Lancaster homeowners can also use the money from the HELP loan to pay for the installation of a geothermal unit that will provide energy efficient and environmentally friendly cool air to the home during the summer.

Vertex Mechanical has a track record of quality service, and their participation in the HELP program is going to make their service for the heating and air conditioning Lancaster PA homes need even more affordable. Interested homeowners should check out their eligibility with Vertex Mechanical and the HELP office to see if they qualify.

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