Anhui, China; 22, December 2014: A wide variety of machines are required for packaging innumerable types of products that are manufactured in the modern times. China based Anhui Zengran Packing Technology Company specializes in the manufacture of packaging machines. They supply their machines to a number of clients all around the world. Now, they have improved quality Vertical Packaging Machine in their portfolio that can be used to seal packets of coffees, chips, baby foods and other granular products. The machine features flexible design and can be used for carrying out packaging at a faster pace with a greater accuracy.

The company has a variety of Vertical Packaging Machines for industrial use. The machines can be used for folding, cutting and sealing for making bags and packaging them for containing a variety of products. According to the spokesperson of the company, they can supply Vertical Packaging Machines with different parameters and specifications to meet the industrial needs of the packaging industry. The machines have been designed for safe and efficient packaging of products for their delivery all across the world.

The spokesperson maintains that they have specifically designed machines for different industries. Zengran Packing has high speed granule filing lines that can be used for packing granules and powders in jars and bottles. Such machines have wide applications in the food processing, pharmaceutical and other industries. The machines are remarkable for their steady and fast performance, and can be used for packaging a variety of products and materials.

Zengran Packing Company has a technologically advanced production base and can design packaging machines that can precisely meet the packaging needs of any type of product manufactured by the companies. They have a reliable delivery network to supply machines anywhere in the world. All machines are easy to install and operate and the company offers adequate technical support in the installation and operation process of the machines for product packaging needs. One can learn more about their Vertical Packaging Machine range by visiting the website link

About Anhui Zengran Packing Technology Co., Ltd.

Zengran Packing, established in 1995, is located in Hefei, Anhui Province in China. The company is a star enterprise in the field of packaging machinery. Through nearly twenty years of sustainable development, now the company has about six hundred employees, possesses 40,000 sq. m. production workshops and its annual production capacity of various types of packaging machinery is more than 2000 units. Moreover, it has the capability of providing whole-plant intelligent packaging production line for customers.

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