Anytime you are thinking about an extreme diet, you need to do your background work and find out the specifics first. When choosing one of these diets, you should be cautious and if possible have a doctor monitor your progress; they may not be a healthy weight loss option. In this piece, we intend on pointing out the helpful and the harmful aspects of intensive weight loss diets.

Very low calorie diets are deemed to be unhealthy by some experts, but there's another opinion out there and some people reckon they're the key to a long life. It's claimed, based on one theory that has research mainly done on animals, that you can slow the aging process down and prevent a number of diseases by cutting your calorie intake severely. Because they believe that they will live longer, people who believe this view will go on a very low calorie diet regardless of whether they're overweight or not. An organization dedicated to this practice exists, and it's called the Calorie Restriction Society. Thus far there hasn't been any research done on humans to try and prove or disprove the theory in question, but it is worth looking into further. An effective diet plan for losing weight that's well known by many is Medifast. To ensure that the users of this program don't go over the calorie restrictions put in place, they are supplied with meal replacement products. When on this diet you must eat the meals given to you by Medifast, however there's a bit of variety given as the meals include lean means, vegetables, eggs and there are even desserts, like puddings. With the Medifast diet you can consume between 800 and 1000 calories everyday, which is slightly over the typical very low calorie diet calorie intake, so technically it's not a strict very low calorie diet. One excellent advantage of the Medifast diet is that your essential intake of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients are all included, so you will not be deficient in anything, whereas if you cut your calories yourself this may not be the case.

There are serious drawbacks to very low calorie diets when it comes to overall fitness. As you are restricting your calorie intake greatly you will burn fat and muscle which can be very unhealthy. Because everything is reduced in this diet so is dairy and calcium which can increase risk of osteoporosis for women. You may find it difficult to work out to keep your muscle mass up while you are on this diet because of the lack of energy. Some people are at risk of anemia. You should not consider a very low calorie diet if you are average weight, but if your health is threatened by your weight then it may be a good idea.

There are no guarantees when attempting any diet, some of these are intense and supervision from your physician would be a good idea; but if you doctor gives you the go ahead, then go for it. You now have a little information regarding the selections open to you. When picking a diet, give your choice great thought and do a little investigation into its qualities.

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