24 May 2013: Gap Africa Projects is proud to offer veterinary work experience in the form of its Vet Eco Safari Experience (EMS) course.

Over twelve days, the perfectly balanced and planned course allows students to work alongside specifically trained wildlife vets to gain valuable experience that will boost their knowledge and range of studies beyond what they might experience in veterinary school.

It was founded by Nicholas Christie, whose love for Africa and the animals that call it home prompted him to share that love and knowledge by providing carefully curated and planned gap year courses and programmes like the Vet Eco Safari Experience (EMS).

The Vet Eco Safari Experience (EMS) provides students with a tailored veterinary work experience programme that is designed to give students the advantage of working behind the scenes with wildlife veterinarians on a Big Five Game Reserve in South Africa.

The Vet Eco Safari programme meets certain EMS criteria and will expose students to both theory and practice led learning that gives them the opportunity to get hands on experience with veterinary techniques and procedures as well as allowing them to learn more about the aspects of conservation.

Students will also be introduced to wildlife pharmacology and will learn to understand how they work in tandem with veterinary procedures that are so important in the conservation of wild game, and will get the opportunity to see first hand how specially trained teams dart and tag the rhinos on the reserve.

Mr Johnson, of the Outdoor Education Advisory Panel, said: “Learning outside the classroom should be at the heart of every school’s curriculum and ethos.”

And by incorporating the unique veterinary work experience, students on the Vet Eco Safari Experience (EMS) will become well-rounded students of veterinary medicine with an understanding of animals, conservation and issues outwith the domestic sphere.

Taking the plunge and going to South Africa for a course in the Vet Eco Safari Experience (EMS) will give students the edge when term time comes back around.

About Company:

Gap Africa Projects was founded on the passion of Africa and travel and the variety of veterinary work experience courses offered reflects Gap Africa Projects’ commitment to the conservation and care of this continent. To learn more about Gap Africa Projects, visit the website at http://www.gapafricaprojects.com/

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