A leading CRM development company, VGS Global, has announced that it will be launching new services regarding their new version of vTiger CRM. VGS Global has a deep know-how of vTiger works which allows them to create any kind of features users may need. With global experience on how vTiger CRM works, VGS Global brings a wealth of knowledge acquired from troubleshooting customer issues as well as incorporating customer feedback in the development process.

The company will also be helping the vTiger users to Install or Migrate to the new vTiger6 version in order to give the users a feel of the new features which help improve performance. They will also set up vTiger and customize it according to your business processes and requirements, thereby ensuring you get the most from its implementation.

Like all new software deployment, many users require some form of training to get accustomed to the new features. VGS Global has formulated an extensive consulting & training program to help your staff get started. The productivity registered from the use of the newer version of vTiger cannot be gainsaid. All businesses invest in CRMs to improve their customer experience. With a more stable and advanced vTiger 6, this experience is set to improve the flexibility and reliability with which customers are served. VGS Global has full time experienced support staff who will handle the CRM users’ incidents with authority and in good time.

VGS Global will also be launching a new website and a related blog to promote these services at www.vgsglobal.com and www.vgsglobal.com/blog respectively. Here you will get the latest solutions to common issues, the best practices as far as vTiger6 is concerned and some simple tutorials on what you can do with the new features of the CRM.

Asked about his experience with VGS Global, Enrique from Coined International had this to say about the company. “Global VGS helped us customize vTiger CRM to our company processes, understanding the whole process we do to provide our service. We managed to replace three legacy system into one integrate web application that manages all of our operations.”

Another satisfied customer, Nick from AES Investments, summarizes his company’s experience with VDS Global as follows, “The VGS Global team was able to streamline and improve vTiger in many ways. VGS was able to take many painfully slow processes and automate them with a click of button. With these processes being taken out of the work routine tasks, AES has been able to provide better customer service”. With the new version of vTiger slated for launch in September, these experiences can only get better. It is upon the management of companies to ensure they invest in CRM software that can give them a competitive edge in a highly competitive market.

VGS Global is the leading provider of CRM development services. They help their clients to customize, improve and add the functionality that they expect in their CRM system, taking their IT to the next level. Through their business lines, VGS Global provides software development services in Open Source technologies (PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript).

For more information you can get in touch with VGS Global by visiting http://www.vgsglobal.com or calling 1.888.683.5782 if you are in USA, +54 (11) 5032.2482 if you are in Argentina, or +34 902.848.059 if you are in Spain.