(Free Press Release) When onsite interpreters are unavailable, hospitals now have access to bedside Video Interpreting.

Chicago, IL April 24, 2012 In an effort to meet the growing demand for all types of interpreter services, Metaphrasis Language and Cultural Solutions, LLC (Metaphrasis), a leading Chicago-based language services company, today announced the addition of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) to its service roster.

The need for instantaneous, clear and comprehensible communication is a requirement in virtually all business environments today, and particularly in healthcare environments such as hospitals and clinics. VRI provides interpreting services for in-person situations such as meetings, doctor visits, therapy, court proceedings, etc. using videoconferencing, videophone or web-based video technology. In healthcare facilities, VRI is utilized to interpret and relay important medical information when in-person interpreters are unavailable.

Rosemary Wooley, Director of Business Development for Metaphrasis comments on how VRI helps hospitals provide a more efficient on demand interpreting service, “The challenge for many hospitals is that it is difficult to anticipate when someone is going to come into the healthcare setting needing an interpreter. Some days there may be a greater need than others, which can present staffing challenges."

The VRI option now offered by Metaphrasis is an easily installed, convenient and professional interpreting service. The system is portable, mobile, wireless. The system is in the cloud with advanced technology to compensate for lack of on-site bandwidth. It can be used on PCs and tablets and accessed onsite as well as offsite. For users, the experience is seamless. Using computer monitors, patients and medical staff are able to see and hear, in high definition quality, the interpreter as if they are right in the room. Features include:

* Emergency Rooms
* Triage
* Examination Rooms
* Admissions
* Social Services
* Diagnostic Testing
* Patient Education
* Small meetings
* Occupational Therapy
* Pediatrics
* Pharmacy
* Training sessions

Wooley continued, "VRI is not a replacement for face-to-face interpreting but rather an additional way for patients to access interpretive services.” For more information about Metaphrasis, please visit www.metaphrasislcs.com or call 815-464-1423.

About Metaphrasis
Metaphrasis is a full-service language company connecting businesses with their diverse clients and community. Language services include onsite interpreting, video remote interpreting (VRI), ASL interpreting, telephonic interpreting, document translation, medical interpreter training, cultural diversity training, testing, and consulting. Providing language services is just one way businesses can show their dedication to their clients, employees, and community. Based on a company survey, Metaphrasis was rated superior in the areas of professionalism, client service, expertise in their field and trustworthiness in medical interpreting. The company is headquartered in Frankfort, Illinois and may be reached at 815-464-1423 or online at www.metaphrasislcs.com. Follow Metaphrasis on Twitter @Metaphrasislcs or Facebook at www.facebook.com/metaphrasislcs.

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