Users looking to convert video files have been offered much needed respite with the launch of this Video To MP4 Converter.

There are different types of video files that one comes across on a regular basis. But MP4 files are definitely quite popular and they have a universal feel about them. It also makes sense to maintain a kind of uniformity with one’s own collection as it requires one type of player to view them at the end of the day.

These are just some of the reasons why people want to convert different types of video files into MP4 format. And this Video To MP4 Converter gives them that versatility because it lets them convert different kinds of files from AVI to QT, MTS to ASF, DIVX and some more. The job can be done simply with the help of file browsers to import the video files into a queue.

In fact, the app has been designed to cater to users’ convenience. The interface where it all starts is meant to be clean and easy to understand. The process of conversion is straightforward as well and lets users check the file name, output length and several other factors to stay on top of things.

Those who need to convert a large number of video files on a regular basis can make the most out of this app as well. And that’s because it’s known to support batch processing, which is a huge advantage and helps them do the job speedily.

Video To MP4 Converter also has other features including altering audio and video quality, viewing clips in media player and taking snap shots. To know more about this useful converter one can visit

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