The Election Commission of India has been impressing upon the fact that youth across different states of India must register themselves and vote for the next government. Currently the young Indians are looking at nominating a government that provides them with a better education system, women safety and empowerment, employment opportunities and growth. Tune into Youngistan Zindabad, only on IBN-Lokmat this Saturday 15th March at 8 pm, and Sunday 16th March at 10 am and 9:30 pm to know more about what young India thinks about the upcoming general elections of India, their views on the political parties and what they expect from the new government.

Recent studies have shown that65% of Indians are under the age of 35 and about half the Indian population is under the age of 25. Most of these young people are educated and can make a difference to our political system and nation in great ways.Even women participation in electing lawmakers is very important and it is their votes that will give them the passport to Equality and safety. According to the latest information from the Election Commission, almost 90,000 voters, between 18 and 22 years of age, will be entitled to vote for the very first time and about 40% of the registered voters are women.

Young India commonly referred to as “Youngistan” will have a key role to play in the upcoming general elections. The supremacy of our youth was quite eminent through the assembly elections in Delhi last year.Nowmany parties are changingtheir strategies and agendas to focus on young India and influence these young voters through different policy promises. Just recently some of the major political parties have resorted to the use of the ever so popular social media to attract the young voters. Through the launch different campaigns, videos and opinions on social media sites Indian politics is looking at a major transformation in terms of the way they connect to the youth.

Participatory democracy has proved to be of utmost importance as it is the participation of our youth that will finally make the required difference in the elections. Each and every person eligible to vote must wake up and vote as these votes will shape India’s democratic scene in a way that makes it socially and economically beneficial for millions of Indians. Young India must realise that their votes can make a difference to the entire nation. They can make or even break a government and therefore it becomes essential to choose the right leader as well as vote for the right party.

Don’t miss YoungistanZindabad, only on IBN-Lokmat this Saturday 15th March at 8 pm, and Sunday 16th March at 10 am and 9:30 pm