Laapataganj is a lively TV series which shows daily life happenings in a small village and the families that inhabit it.


In a small town like Laapataganj, wherein people are enjoying their daily lives sprinkled with sweet moments of laughter & happiness, there will be a Dhamaakedaar entry of a new character in a Desi Avatar. Vineet Raina aka Bajrang Bajpai is the latest addition to the show which will add a burst of energysimilar to a rainbow spread across a serene picturesque landscape.

Vineet said, “This is the first time I have got the opportunity to be a part of a successful show like Lapataganj which shows different characters in real life like situations. In contrast to all the other characters on the show, I will be playing a Dabangg style cop who exaggerates everything from his expressions to stories.A typical action loving cop with a streak of filmy romance in his mannerisms. It’s a larger than life character which brings zealous enthusiasm to all the different scenarios that it is a part of. It should suffice to say that my character will add a tadka to a well-cooked daal. There is another twist to this character which will be revealed as the show progresses.” 


Tune into Laapataganj to catch all the fun and comedy, from Monday to Friday at 10 pm only on SAB TV!