The newest styles to hit the streets both in London and further afield are vintage looks that mix old class and modern sensibilities. One of the first uptakes of the vintage style has been in the wedding market and one of the best ways to get the vintage look just right is to head to a Richmond wedding dress shop and get a custom or bespoke dress in the perfect style that suits. 

When it comes to the best styles that bring out the classic, vintage look, a Richmond wedding dress shop that is fully comprehensive will be able to help find or create the perfect look. The look of the season is all about the lacy overlays that drape from the waist in a flowing fashion. Lace is the key for this look. Whether the design is focused on the detailed necklines or the fitting around the upper body and waist, the look can be tailored to fit any body and era, with a heavy influence of the 60s and 70s and even as far back as the 20s. 

Brides can be so playful with the vintage style. Whether they want buttons, partial or full sleeves, long or short dresses, the elements of detail and lightness are key characteristics. Even in the 20s style dresses with the detailed beading or gold embellishments on the front panels of the dresses, they are not overly chunky and showcase a delightful and playful manner that seems to accentuate the joy of the bride on her big day. 

When looking for a Richmond wedding dress shop that can create custom designs, look no further than Tatiana Porembova’s boutique in the heart of Richmond. With the expert dressmakers advice, the perfect bespoke or custom dress can be designed to fit any body, era, or budget. 

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Tatiana Porembova’s boutique is a Richmond wedding dress shop which can create custom and bespoke wedding dresses and bridal party dresses. Designer Tatiana Porembova has a decade of experience making dream dresses realities. Visit the website to learn more at

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