One of the most auspicious time of the year is when the Wari travels from various parts of Maharashtra, with a feeling of devotion and love for lord Vithal, also known as Vithoba. This is in the month of June & July, ‘Ashad’ as per the Hindu calendar. The palkhi is a long procession of devotees called, ‘Warkaris’ who walk relentlessly creating an atmosphere of intense prayers, piousness, and desire to reach their destination where they hope to meet their lord Vithoba. Tune into IBN-Lokmat this Sunday 12th July 2015 at 10 am and 8 pm to hear soulful renditions of the Abhangas of Sant Dyaneshwar in a special show “Virahini Bole”, a musical tribute to Sant Dyaneshwar.

This is a golden opportunity to witness a programme based solely on Sant Dyaneshwar’s virahinis for the first time. Virahini is based on the Abhangas of Sant Dyaneshwar with deep meaning and bless the listener with peace of mind and harmony.This special show has been conceived by Chaitanya Maharj Deglurkar and Rahul Deshpande, Chaitanya Kunte has composed the music and will also be accompanying on the organ.

Join this melodic session to hear Rahul Deshpande sing renditions of abhangas of Sant Dyaneshwar in a special show “Virahini Bole” only on IBN Lokmat, this Sunday, 12th July 2015 at 10 am & watch repeat telecast on 8 pm same day, only on IBN-Lokmat.