When people call your business, you want them to receive immediate and professional customer service. Whether you need someone to answer questions, take down information or interact with your potential customers so that you can better serve them, Virtual BPO can help. Virtual BPO provides courteous and professional call center personnel who are already trained as customer service representatives so that you can concentrate on running your business and outsource your agents. We provide answering service staff, inbound and outbound call center services, order taking, inventory control and other basic support and administrative services. Virtual BPO also offers advanced call center services when you're ready to take it to the next level. We provide customer service representatives to conduct telemarketing surveys, gather important business data, handle class and seminar registration and serve as a live answering service. For web-based businesses, we provide the live person on the other end of your e-commerce chat line, instant message service, web-enabled customer support and troubleshooting features. We're here to help. When you can't be there for your customers, we can. So often it is important for people to communicate with a live person to feel reassurance. We handle answering service and call center services with emergency messaging for healthcare and legal professionals, as well as emergency dispatch for service-related companies. Virtual BPO personnel are available 24-hours a day if necessary so that you can rest assured you'll never miss a call.

At Virtual BPO, we offer many different inbound answering services solutions, each one customized to meet the unique needs of the individual client. These advanced services enable us to help companies just like yours build a larger customer or client base, increase revenue, and ensure greater retention and loyalty.

Utilizing one of the industry's most sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, together with a proprietary menu of advanced Internet services, Virtual BPO is uniquely positioned to ensure the success of your company's call center service. With our cutting edge technology and focus on superior customer service, our team of dedicated associates, call center agents and operators, account specialists, and contact center managers are committed to delivering unbeatable knowledge, flexibility and expertise for your business. There's no one better to turn to when you're looking for a customized inbound call center solution for your business

At Virtual BPO, the Call Center Agents and operators who provide our outbound call are an exceptional team of dedicated managers managing center solutions. They are committed to delivering a wide range of powerful answering services guaranteed to increase sales through persuasive telemarketing, streamline operational efficiency, and build new revenue streams for your business.

When you need the experienced and qualified personnel to make the most of your outbound call center efforts, Virtual BPO has you covered! Our Call Center Agents can skillfully and knowledgeably handle virtually any outbound call center solution requirements, from basic services to more advanced programs requiring specialized direction. When these more advanced applications are called for, our Call Center Agents can even be trained to transfer calls to a specialized Agent who is trained to assist your customers and clients with these escalated scenarios.

Why not contact us today to learn more about how Virtual BPO can help your company achieve greater efficiency and higher revenues from your outbound call center operations. Call now, +61390200870 or contact us by email [email protected] Our address is 1124 GLENHUNTLY ROAD, GLENHUNTLY VICTORIA 3163 MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA.