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A hosted desktop is a product from within the cloud-computing sphere through the combination of technologies involving hardware virtualization and a form of remote connection software, out of which Citrix XenApp or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services are the most used. Such a desktop involves a browser-based connection to a desktop environment.

One of the advantages of hosted desktops is the fact that the company is relieved of the usual security risks. People within the company store a lot of important data. While being stored on a local hard drive and/or having physical backup, it can still be accidentally deleted or lost. If the storage happens to be through virtual desktop services, these risks are mitigated and also if the person’s hard drive is stolen, the data is safe due to the fact that the data is stored at the data centre. This also frees space for the computers for a better usage of the resources now available. And also the costs of the data centre can be customized to meet the client’s needs.


This type of desktop has many advantaged, among them being the same “traditional desktop” usage, decreased IT costs up to 40%, accessibility of data anytime, anywhere- on the move or at the office, increased security through encryption and backups and not to forget the less space occupied by them, less energy and space consumption.

Regarding the virtual desktop solutions there are many, out of which the ones mostly used are the ones from Citrix XenApp or Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. The virtual desktop solutions offered by one of the best virtual desktop providers, DwDrive, are based on Microsoft Windows desktop, with Citrix and Windows Server 2012 backend. They come with all of the major advantages, such as faster, flexible, more reliable and secure IT network and not to neglect the faster application speed than those of normal desktops.


Built on Citrix XenApp’s latest technologies and delivered either though its app or a web browser, the Hosted Desktop 7 Professional of DwDrive, has many basic offers and can be tweaked according to the necessities of the users, which have greater control over their apps and online desktops. The basics can be expanded through many features.

Another virtual desktop would be XenDesktop provided per user and enabling the possibility of installing further applications right from the virtual desktop, while the base functionality of the XenApp is maintained. It also gives better managerial access for the regulation of the online desktop according to the organizational structure. Out of the multitude of virtual desktop providers, DwDrive should be your choice!

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